Lighting with Quads

Went to Liz and John Denton’s studio in Bishop Burton near Hull yesterday for their ‘Stretch The Quads day”.  This was arranged in conjunction with The Flash Centre who brought along Elinchrom’s Quadra range of lighting for us to test.  We ended up using a mix of flash and ambient light which made some interesting images as you will see below from the photos I took.  And! we couldn’t have asked more from the models, Sarah and Laura, we had backflips, spins, jumping splits, fire eating you name it.  It was a great day and a great opportunity to experiment with this kit.  Now I just need to save up to buy my own set or I might take The Flash Centre up on their offer and hire the equipment for a weekend.



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  1. Nice to meet you yesterday, hope you had a safe trip back… I imagine you are busy implementing what we talked about yesterday… lol I am anyway.

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