Dancers Portfolio – Diana Mehira

Diana is a professional bellydancer with 12 years experience and has been teaching in the Derby area for the past 6 years. For further details on her classes why not check out her website Mehira Jewel.

I’ve known Diana for a number of years, over the years we met at many dancing events and was very honoured when she agreed to be our star performer at Shisha Lounge, an event I co-organised with Clair McGregor, back in Oct 2009.  Clair and I have recently resurrected Shisha Lounge and we hope to host Diana again soon… For up-to-date performers listings and dates check out our site.

We started our day with a cup of tea and a chat about how and where the pictures were to be used.  Diana explained that they were for promotional use and social media.

Diana applied her own makeup, which I was very impressed with, as it looked stunning. She then got into her first outfit of the day.   We decided we would start with some static poses which she took to very naturally as you can see from the below images.  We then thought we needed some music so I got my iPod out and Diana started dancing.  I feel this introduces another level to the images.  You can see the movements in the swish of the hair and skirt wafting.  I really like this style, as I believe that movement adds life into my pictures.  In the last few shots we started using some props.  Diana doesn’t normally use props in her solos but borrowed a sword from one of her students and one of my sticks.  The whole shoot took just under three hours but time just flew by as we were having so much fun.


If you would like some portraits of yourself or Troup let me know and we can sort something out.  My e-mail address is 

I will be working with Diana again soon as I will be photographing the Hossam and Serena Ramzy show in Derby that she is hosting on the 19th November 2011.  So watch this space for photos of the event …

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