A Dancer’s Portfolio

Clair and I did this shoot a couple of weeks ago initially to test out my new studio lights. It was great fun we had the music on and found that the best shots were the ones when Clair just danced into the pose rather than placed it. It just looked far more natural than posing the move. Thanks for your time Clair.  If you are interested in bellydancing classes in the Peterborough area check out Clair’s website as she has a weekly class on Monday www.clairbellydance.com
And if any of you are interested in your own portfolio of images please let me know, I can be contacted on aldanahphotography@gmail.com


Sahara Nights

This was the second event I attending on the 14th May 2011.  Sahara Nights is a great bellydancing showcase hosted by the lovely Janet Rose aka Malika.  Janet was inspired to host this event in the Midlands following her performance at Planet Egypt which is a monthly bellydancing showcase based in London. This particular evening was showcasing new performers but the nights star performer was the ever-professional Candi who entertained the audience with two cheeky performances.

I always enjoy Janet’s haflas the atmosphere is friendly and very welcoming, which I am sure the new performers appreciated.  I even managed to catch up with some old friends and made some new one too.  For further details on upcoming events at either Sahara Nights or Planet Egypt check out their website.

Sahara Nights: www.bellydanceworld.co.uk/sahara_nights.htm

Planet Egypt: www.planetegypt.co.uk

These photos are only some of the ones I took.  For the full albums please check out my Aldanah Photography Facebook Page. And if you are interested in purchasing a CD of a selection of the photos taken for £10 e-mail me at aldanahphotography@gmail.com


I had two events to photograph this weekend these are some from the first one I covered.

Performance Boot Camps is a new exercise class with a difference.  It’s run by Neil Carr, Tomas Kicak and Mark Laws.  All three are very experienced personal trainers and their mission statement is “Through a combination of cutting edge scientific research and traditional strongman training methods, Performance Boot Camps aim to make you move better, feel better, look better and be better”.  For further details check out their website www.performancebootcamps.moonfruit.com.

The pained expressions on some of these participants faces are genuine, but that was my brief, I was asked to capture their expressions as they went round the circuit.  Don’t be swayed by this as I believe everyone had a great time.  It’s tempted me anyway so hope to see you at a future event ;0)


It’s a Family affair

Over the Easter Break my niece and nephews came over for a family portrait session.  They were great and we had such fun taking these shots.  But I think they should be used to having their pictures taken by now as my sister-in-law and I have pretty much had a camera up their noses since they day they were born bless them.


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